There are only 72 summers in one lifetime

… said the ‘ad man’ who influenced Guardian newspaper columnist and author Hilary Burden to emigrate back to her birthplace of Tasmania and lead a more simple life well away from the rat race of London she was used to(1).

This notion influenced me to try and track those few precious summers.

To me this emotion is of those deep, rich, family moments, when we’re safe in our freedom, away from it all and really at peace and at one with each other, when the warmth bakes our bones, revitalises the soul and replenishes the vitamin D!

It can be as sumptuous as 3 weeks on a sun lounger on Pampelonne Plage, or as enlightening as the trek to Angkor Wat, or as precious as a parador with a view to the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada, or as humble as a beach hut on Ko Lanta, but there’s always a precious moment or two on every trip that needs to be captured and documented as they are fleeting.

These moments are often accompanied by a view; they are often accompanied by music, maybe a specific track, maybe an album; a good book or two often accompanies them, but there is always that one special moment that last a lifetime.

Can you remember yours?

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